lego stormtrooper deadlift

Why should girls not be scared of deadlifts?

If you’ve recently inquired after my weekend plans, you’ve most likely heard me talk about a gym called Afterburn Fitness and are probably wondering to yourself what kind of sane person would consider “working out” as fun weekend activities.

I can’t quite recall when this interest began, but I can honestly say that I look forward to every weekend because I know that’s when I get to work on my PR (excuse my shameless use of gym lingo – it’s just a fancy way of saying “Personal Record”), and one power lift in particular – DEADLIFT.


185 lbs for 3 reps

If you think this post is my way of sharing deadlift knowledge or tips, you may as well stop reading right here. I’m a total NOOB to this whole deadlifting business, but I also know how it makes me feel as a woman – strong, empowered, capable, when I can lift 220 lbs off the ground with one pull.

Okay, all bragging aside, I think it might be beginner’s luck. I started training deadlifting maybe 3-4 weeks ago. Started off maxing at 195 lb, then 205 lb, then 210 lb (personal best). I was on a roll but also know I’ll be  hitting a ceiling soon.  Just as I suspected or perhaps it was the self-doubt that I’ve already created in my mind, last week I plateaued at 185 lb. After re-examining with my partner a couple times, we figured that I didn’t have the same leverage because my chest was so collapsed.

I feel like writing out my experience because I know so many girls shy away from barbells or heavier lifts because they fear 1) they can’t do it, 2) they may get injured, 3)they get too bulky and macho in figure. Perhaps it’s still too early for me to say, as I’m only a month into my training, I haven’t noticed much bulking yet? Hopefully I can continue to share my journey and progress with you so you can see for yourself.

What my experience has really taught me so far though, is mental strength – getting over the feeling of “I can’t” and knowing when to say no – dropping the weight doesn’t mean you’re giving up. The most important lesson I’ve learned though is in the event of dropping the weight, reset, re-evaluate, and re-tackle perhaps a lower weight, but not giving up altogether on your day’s workout – that’s the beauty behind power lifting training that I’m starting to appreciate.