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Tech World this week: R.I.P Steve Jobs & More

R.I.P Steve Jobs

The news of Steve Jobs’ passing this Wednesday evening sent a shockwave through the world. That sentiment is especially felt in the virtual world, where responses to this news would fill up the entire Tweet Deck and Facebook Newsfeed. Some have chosen to commemorate this inspirational figure with their favourite Steve Jobs’ quotes.

Some have chosen to remember his lifetime of innovation and extraordinary change in photos and timelines.

Yet some reminded us of Steve Jobs’ career beyond the obvious Apple devices. He was also the driving force behind expressing emotions in type through different choices of fonts. There’s also the reminder that behind these intelligent quotes was a very spiritual man.


Like many other people, I chose to revisit Steve Jobs’s June 2005 commencement address to Stanford University graduates. As Jobs said, “…death is very likely the single best invention of life. It is life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.”


Make way for iPhone 4S


After a full year of speculation about the mythical iPhone 5, Apple fanboys were greeted with the launch of iPhone 4S, a new and improved iPhone 4. There was so much hype around the new iPhone’s prototype, especially after the release date had been pushed back to fall this year. And now, with the announcement of what seems to be the iPhone 4 but on steroids, there’s an odd sense of disappointment or what some people like to call “the iPhone blues”.

Although the look of it hasn’t gone too far from the current iPhone 4, there might be good reasons for current users to upgrade to this new one. And they are:


–       Siri, your personal assistant that will respond to your voice command and get you whatever you need.

– a new camera that can replace your point and shoot, with an 8 megapixel sensor, a new fifth lens, an enlarged aperture, face detection and reduced motion blur

– iPhone 4S sports the Apple A5 chip, which makes everything run twice as fast, without compromising the battery life.

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